Maurice Parry's top tips for communicating effectively and with confidence

Maurice Parry’s 4 top tips on how to communicate more confidently with an audience

Question 1: How much time do you spend communicating daily?
Question 2: How much training have you had in it?

These are the questions posed by Maurice Parry to his clients when teaching them how to communicate persuasively and effectively.

Maurice has spend many years teaching the leaders of listed companies how to give their communication more impact because he is passionate about helping people overcome the crippling fear they face when having to talk in front of a group.

"Too many people refrain from taking the space they need and sharing all they have to give to the world," says Maurice. He suffered the same fear of speaking up in public when he was in his late teens, but by taking control of the situation and learning how to communicate effectively, Maurice went on to lead businesses, UN missions and coach others on how to do the same. Now his passion is helping others with the skills they need to communication with confidence and be heard!

According to Maurice the art of effective and persuasive communication is a learnt skill, and when people understand:

a) how to structure their communication, and

b) how to connect with their audience

they start seeing immediate results and building confidence .

“What you put in is what you get out,” says Maurice. “There is no quick fix, it is a journey that takes practice, but if you start implementing the tactics and seeing your strengths, your self-belief, ability and enjoyment of speaking will grow.”

In a recent interview, Maurice shared his 4 top tips for communicating more confidently with an audience:

1. Work on your opening

Think of the objective of your communication and tell your audience where you plan to take them and why. This will give you a road map for your talk too

2. Less is more

Keep it simple and refrain from trying to share too much (even if you have the knowledge!) People can’t take too much in and you will lose their attention. Remember that if you want to feed someone a cake, you do it one slice at a time.

3. Get outside yourself by telling a story

When you tell a story that everyone can relate to and that you feel moved by, your focus moves to the story and away from feeling conscious about yourself.

4.Remember the how is more influential than the what

55% or what is communicated is what we see; 38% is how it is said and only 7% is the content. So how we are perceived makes all the difference. Consider your body language, your tone of voice and smile, and know that if you get these aspects right, more than half the battle is won.

Maurice’s full interview can be listened to below:

Maurice also offers his full workshop programme as an online video course.

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